Roofing, which includes repairing roofs, is a very important aspect of property management. A roof protects your biggest investment, your home, from the ravages of nature and time. The roof protects you from the weather as well as from theft, vandalism, and careless maintenance. A roof is often a part of the structure envelope of a house. It is usually made of cement slabs, tile or shingles, with pitch built in for insulation, and is typically made to withstand strong winds and rains.

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Repairing and replacing a roof can be quite costly, especially if you are working on a large roof, such as a barn, or one that spans several blocks. A roofing professional will only be able to do repairs to a roof that is structurally sound, has no missing shingles, or other defects that can cause leaks and more damage to your home. Even if the roofing is structurally sound, it might still require repair due to excess stress caused by improper roofing techniques, poor design, or inadequate materials. When a roofing professional re-works a roof, it usually involves adding extra structural support, repairing a leak, or adding a protective coating, called a roof coating.

If the additional support is required because the roofing material has ruptured or split because of extreme weather conditions, the repair may also include replacement of the damaged materials. One roofing material often replaced during a repair is asphalt shingles. This material is quite durable because it is made up of three distinct layers, each containing a metal foil that is applied topically to the outer layer of the material. Because asphalt shingles are so durable and strong, they are used as the primary roofing material. Other roofing materials, including wood shakes and slate tiles are often added to the repair job to strengthen the outer layer and protect it from further deterioration. A durable roofing material will help prevent leaks and other roofing problems that can lead to more damage to your home’s interior.

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